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personal care technology

gent of the Middle East
Ktech Israel 
Habarbanel 11 holon
Tel: 035440445
 p.o box 28187  zip 61281

 I-Ktech Corporation Ltd

 I-Ktech Company specializing in the development and production of high quality
 shavers trimmers and hair care tools which is sold all over the world 
We combine innovative technology and development

The company leads in an invention of special needs products
 which allowing a variety  solutions
for the first time the new technology and the old tradition of the Holly Bible
meets together

 our shavers allows a non smooth shaving whith optimal results and a pleasant experience

our shavers and trimmers design to provide solution to most shaving problems
and suite to a variety skin types 
 The  development has been worldwide patented
by Ktech International company
Allows shave with an electric shaver
and almost completely reduce the phenomenon
 of formation, bums and 
skin irritation

The company goal is to create solutions that suit all types of skin problems

marketing leading brands


 Import and marketing of unique dryers
 that protect the hair
while drying and prevent damage to the scalp
Therefore are the best in their kind

Shaver saver spry
Disinfection clean and lubricate the blade and foil of all kind of electric shavers
To get optimal results over time from the blades and to extend the use of the foils
The special formula specifically developed to answer that need

Blade guard spray
 Lubricating and preserving the blade of all types of clippers trimmers
Unique formula contains a blend of quality materials developed
Specifically to provide quality long-term professional use continuous
Using the spray provides protection to the blade and extend significantly
the range of effective
Prevents problems that may impair the functioning of the blade

for more information : i.ktech.k@gmail.com