Electric Shavers
What is shaving correctly
"The Torah explicitly forbids to shave beard with  razor "
However, decades ago allowed by the rabbis at that time using an electric shaver
Where the knife is below the network constitutes a buffer and prevents direct contact of the skin knife
Stubble penetrate into the net Nthcim by rapidly moving the knife under the network
Above solution was good for decades
At the same time the leading manufacturers of electric shavers .. "Philips" "Brown" "Remington", "Panasonic", etc.
Improved more and more electric shavers - so shaving electric razor became very close shave with a razor after shaving are feeling and appearance
Advances and new developments have created a problem for manufacturers make the network separates more and more thin and publications declare that their device's shaving smoother and better than before
  Every year about separating foils was more minute