skin bumps after shaving


Razor bumps, appear in all parts of the face that hair is
temporal removed by shaving, tweezing or waxing 
the bumps are painful and scraper when bristle curl
into the skin  and causing the face Inflammation
response and damage to the face skin like a scar
Anyone who does not want the a beard bristles
and shaves with a razor increases the chances
of bumps and this is a deterrent
until a year ago there was no solution
and therefore many had to use a medical  products,
razors, cosmeticians and it cause them great discomfort
Since arive to the market the only solution to the problem -
there is hope...
A unique development
by Ktech International company,
which has been worldwide patented
Allows shave with an electric shaver
and almost completely reduce the phenomenon
of formation of bums

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